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I am trying to wind a coil that will cause the "Electron Bounce Phenomenon" to trigger Hydrogen
Fracturing Process without amp influxing.

I intend to try several configurations.

Post on this forum have sparked my intrest in combining Tesla bifiler with Stanly Meyer bifiler chock coils to accomplish this.

This is what I'm planning on winding.  Please give feedback if you have any experience with this coil.

well the primary is not bifilar...

Looks like a weird coil that could offer some special properties... But i think an I core would be simpler to wind and have some stronger coupling ...

I don`t think you need the primary bifilar. Stan never mensions so.
only the secondary is needed bifilar with a centertap if you are aming for "VIC voltage-sync pulse"

Stan did mention bifilar primary in one photo.  I have been gone so long and looked over so much stuff it would take a month to find it now.
I believe the bifilar primary was to enable more current draw on the primary wire.  It has become common practice in transformers (open up a power inverter transformer) to conserve space and handle more amps to double the primary wires, aka bifilar if you will, rather than going with a larger guage wire.

Fig 10-4 has a primary bifilar, but this one is not tesla wound, but typical meyer wound.
bifilar coils create stronger fluxes, but not sure about the timeconstant, perhaps they create slower slopes.


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