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Aaron Salter Jr… Why isn’t he mentioned on on this site even once????????


This guy had a truck running on water and was killed. Why hasn’t anyone brought this up? I searched  his name on this site and go zero returns. As much as TMZ sucks  he was on nationwide coverage but nothing on here.   

25psi top layer of water not the gas. This Hague had a car that ran on water. 25psi has always stopped me from trying this but I saw the evidence and had it highlighted in the manual over a decade ago. I’ve always noticed the flame stretching and flaring out over the water as well questioning is it the algae or straight water that is being used. It runs on water not HHO.

Listen for Aaron to tell you how this is done anyone who has done their homework will know it to be true. You guys got this build the units pipe the lines using the frothed water under 25psi to the your fuel system.  Do it or  you can wait for me but don’t pull a Marcumi if you beat me to it. There’s plenty for every lift them up and share.

RIP Stanley Meyer and Aaron Salter Jr

Just realizing that Aaron was actually using Dennis Klien’s info to create a running vehicle here is the page referring to the 25psi as well as patent info to look for.

I see there are a lot of guest online looking today looking s specifically at this post even. If anyone out there has the ability financially to make this happen please help. I’m currently homeless so I have no way to actually do anything. I am disabled with bipolar and ADHD but while T that sucks it also gives me the gift and ability to see things differently to understand the things I’m trying to explain. I can hear and see the fogger style fuel system but I don’t have the means to build it. I was imprisoned for 7 yrs on drug charges which imprisonment started with a stay at the state mental hospital where I was forcibly drugged with substance known to cause diabetes. Sad to say this year since being released  I have been hospitalized 4 times had  4 amputations and 2 within 30 days of each other and I’m currently treating a bone infection trying to save the great toe. So basically dying from toes up but A1C is 7.O so it’s not all diabetes.  I’ll post court proceeding transcripts to show the threats made against me by our local judge when I refuse to take the poisons that were going  to cause life threatening illness. I have a absolutely abnormal case where I was threatened more then once by the local government and freewill finished before pleading guilty.  Something says stepping out as I have done again. I might expect the same  kind of treatment following my recent post. Find me should I disappear for more the 30days I’ll do wellness checks on the henchmen and me post.

If anyone has the means please help I’ve never been as sure about this as I am today or I would’ve attempted to ask for financial assistance much sooner. I did create a Kickstarter page that never went public 8yrs ago, within 30 days I was arrested with cops asking where is your car that runs on water.
Here is a link to my go fund me page . I’m considering this post as a release of information to reserve all rights to all materials of intellectual property released in this post to be a public release and not to be privately look in any patents of sorts to use for the betterment of the people of this planet and to reverse the damage done by  a few greedy bad apples who continue on a regular to lie cheat and steal while imprisonment nag me for a form of one of the very same drugs prescribed to me in the 4th grade. Who’s really the evil vile criminal and acting against humanity?


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