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utilize inefficiency of the ICE to aid in the charging & fracturing process


New thread for the inefficiency and the search to amend the second law.
We know vacuum, pressure, temp are all things of inefficiency or available aid possibly in an Internal Combustion Engine ICE.
Maybe we need to look at what the engine has to offer us in the sense of producing small amounts of assistance energy in our process. Let’s say for example the high temps produced in the compression of  a Diesel engine.

 We could do away with cooling systems on vehicles and go air cooled only. Dudley Engineering showed us how he had to cut fins to get his engine to run correctly on HHO. So the gas produces go pressure without heat.

There is more exploring to be done in how we can utilize the engines process to aid in fuel generation through fracturing the combination of fog and HHO in a diesel level compression motor. It would be nice to add the plasma ignition as well.

Good topic.

A current popular topic is the EPG. I re read some patents of Meyer, last week.
If you ask me what other energy sources we can use or re use, i would say that i never seen anywhere somebody using the gasflow energy.
Meyer used the gasflow to push little magnets thru coils, which is smart. The wfc creates gas...a lot of gas and if you push that gas thru a tiny hose, you will see a lot of pressure there.
A made a simple drawing....go have a look.
Your comments are always welcome  :)



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