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Resonance 6 times more amps out then in

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Hi friends,

I just want to share with you a resonance result.
I got 6 times more amps into my wfc then i put in the system.
I was inspired by Thewonn on youtube.
The voltage stays the same in and out.
I am now looking on how to make this run by itself...

Later more

Credits for who deserves it.. :)

Hi Steve.
The voltage drops at the cell, but the amps will rise, depending of the duty cycle of the pwm.
This is what buck converters does.
I already tested it.
If you apply 50 percent duty cycle you will achieve double of amps and half of voltage at the wfc. The average voltage if half and during the pulse off time the inductor become a power source.

Hi X,

How about 20% duty at 8khz and 6 times more amperage?

It depends on the resistance of the water.
Increase the number of the exitors you have in parallel...
It looks like a kind of LR circuit. When water has low resistance you can achieve better results at low duty cycle.


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