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High effective electrical heater project. Who wants to join in?

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Hi friends,

I have been playing with a technology which looks very good in efficiency vs the good old oil filled radiators.
The heating element is made by conductive ink  :)
The goal for me is to replace my 400watt heaters for a 100 a 200watt system, which should deliver the same heat in the room.
I have succeeded in getting more inside info on this technology by doing some tests.
Do you have some interest in this? I am willing to share it. Maybe we can safe energy and money.
This system is fully DIY.


Robert Murray Smith has quite a bit about that on his YouTube channel.  (He also uses conductive ink to make the thin low voltage type super caps.  And he found out that methanol is the best toner solvent, but I don't think he knows about the five gallon bucket caps.)  I personally like the cavitation drum heaters because they're OU.  I do think sheets like you're looking at will also block em when conducting biphasic energy.  So I may follow your lead.

The cavitation drums are difficult to make at home, at least for me.
I bought my ink from Robert. I am a great fan of his work.

I painted the ink in multiple paterns and underground.

The good thing is that it works on all non conductive materials.

The path for more efficiency brought me to ceramic tiles.

Also, if you make the surface too big, even if the resistance is good matching, the heat efficiency was not good.

So, so give away my current status is that i use ceramic tiles .
100watts do best on a 10cm by 10cm square.
The heat is very good and impressive.
Now, i will makae two squares of ink for a 200watt version.
After that, i will cover the ink with a spraypaint....

Slowly getting there

Correction....its 20cm by 20cm for a 100watt square heater.

Here a picture of the latest test.
Pulling 0.98 Amps at 230v.
Later i will modify this tile because the power goes in from the top and it should be from the middle of the two squares...

I measure maximum 150 degrees celcius on the top square and max 60 degrees on the bottum square.
So much difference!
So, it is needed to power them exact in the middle.


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