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I play around with this type of real plasma and it is NOT HHO is  not a spark generated by high voltage, or an arc.
also not buy induction

the one on the table is my little test unit runs in the blue area wave length of around 430nM

the  main plasma generator is the green  output, running around the 470nM

input mainly water  with and some air and power.

It looks like you've definitely got some atmospheric pressure plasma.  Are you sure it's not an arc, just with low voltage current?  Or, are you using a corona effect?  Lack of induction would seem to rule out a Magnetron.

 it is not atmospheric as the   output  could go to 3tons a sq inch and there   other  ways of creating pure plasma with out induction the voltage at present is not that high, the current can be around 20- 30amps at this low input of the water input, as this is at 1/40th . I will soon change the plasma generators power supply that Ii am using at the moment     I can not tell you more more on the project it was just to show you that what can be done.
 using an arc immersed in water it not any thing that could be made into a profitable commercial process.
 this output could also have the temperature massively increased to over 25,000C with  just a little more power.

OK then.  Sounds like thermal ionization,  And thanks for showing it, even if you want to keep the details to yourself.  Good luck with this.


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