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Two Phase Pulse Generator


I put together a side project right quick which is based on a YouTube video showing how to make a generator out of a shaded pole fan motor.  (From a MW oven.)  About the only hard part was removing the copper shunt windings from the frame.  Here's the link to that video:

Here's a picture of my build, powering the generator with a 12V. rotary tool from Harbor Freight:


This motor has a center tap on the winding, and if the tap is truly at the center, then I can use it as a source of two phase power.  This will be equivalent to using a transformer with a center tap on the secondary.


Found here (about half way down the page):

Notice in this drawing that the peaks of both waves are exactly in opposition.  (The dot notation shows which ends of the windings go over the front side of the core.)  This is what we need for powering Meyer's Water Fuel Cell.
With my new generator, the frequency can be adjusted by changing the speed of the drill motor.  It remains to be seen if the pulses will need to have sharp edges.

I got the motor/ generator fired up today and took some readings.  Unfortunately, I'm not getting anwhere near a balanced output with the two phases. The patent on this motor says the tap is to provide a lower voltage to the turntable motor. Apparently, this isn't half of the line voltage.

Now that I've seen the center tapped transformer wave forms, I'm going to play with that for awhile.


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