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Thanks Steve.  And thanks for posting the video.  It clears up a few points.  Stan's discussion of the Electrical Polarization Process gives the impression that it would be more accurate to say that the covalent bonds are "defeated", by increasing the distance between the atoms within the water molecule, rather than "switched off", which implies something mysterious.  Another important fact is that the pulses are being produced by a motor driven alternator.  He says the voltage - and the gas production - can be increased by using a larger pulley on the drive motor.  Spinning the alternator faster will increase its output voltage, but that would also increase the frequency of the pulse trains.  So the Water Fuel Cell doesn't have to be frequency dependent (based on electrode spacing).  This version doesn't operate in resonance.

The motor driving the alternator looks like it's between five and ten hp, by comparison to a golf cart motor's physical size.  This motor is the primary load on the battery.  So the difference between this motor's power and that of the engine is absolute proof of significant Over Unity in the system's operation.  Stretching the water molecules until they fall apart takes considerably less energy than is given back by burning the resultant gasses.  However, the power of the engine itself is unclear.  A 1500 cc VW engine is normally around 100 hp, which is much more than would be needed for the size of this vehicle.  Although Stan says the engine is unmodified, he also says it acts as an air pump, along with the mechanical output.  This reminds me of a jack hammer compressor, which is a V8 engine running on four cylinders, with the other four cylinders configured as the air compressor.  Depending on how much compressed air is needed, he may just be using two of the cylinders for the compressor.  So the vehicle's actual power could be between 50 and 75 hp.  Which would be plenty, and still definitely OU.

Stanley Meyer came up with something really important.  It's unfortunate that his business philosophy was "Demonstrate the prototype, then constantly improve it before marketing".  What he has in this video could have been put into production, as Model A, then improvements would have insured an on-going market.  And it would have been ON the market.

One part of the video which is a little ambiguous is it looks like they take a gasoline tank off after the engine gets started running.  Does the engine need to get up to speed (on petrol) before it can be switched over to water?  Would a starter tank of compressed air make a difference?

All in all, this video is very helpful, and I really appreciate the efforts of everyone down the line who made it available.

How much redacted is this video? It looks like the "Big Bertha" .


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