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Ball Lightning's Rainbow (Magnetic Interrupter)

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That's a really nice patent!  Thanks for digging it up and sharing it.  Can we split the top and bottom parts of the output pulse train, then somehow phase shift the bottom anti nodes to bring them into alignment with the top?  Perhaps with a variable inductor?

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I think so if Im understanding correctly, my use for it is to apply it to first transformer in this circuit to be able to raise the voltage of the out put from the second transformer.
The problem with this circuit while in simulation the voltage could go to infinity but in real life the output was only 1/2 a volt.

The T tap you have created is really interesting.... thank you for sharing that !  It has some good vibes coming on :)
Is that some type of magnet in the lower right?


--- Quote from: Burnhydroxy on August 09, 2016, 07:55:27 am ---Is that some type of magnet in the lower right?

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That dark mass is a chunk of carbon.  The magnetic interrupter effect is produced by the magnetic field around the arc in the rod gap.  The spark's color depends on the strength of this field.  When a spark just grazes the outskirts of the field, the color has a lower frequency due to the weaker strength of the magnetic field.


In this picture, the carbon is on the end of the dowel rod, where it previously caught fire.  This picture also clearly shows the voltage gain along a resistor.

Tesla himself was able to produce magnetically interrupted sparks having a wavelength in the x-ray part of the spectrum.  I personally haven't identified the color associated with 'cold' electricity.  Whatever color is produced is maintained throughout the circuit.

ps:  The wave form produced by the circuit you just posted looks like it would be self sparking (across an intervening particle), with a high enough amplitude, or voltage.  A higher potential discharging to a lower potential.  From this perspective, the circuit produces a type of exotic energy referred to as Scalar.  (Time invariant.)  I'm looking for a circuit which produces two parallel, non crossing, identical sine waves, one above the other.


does the mag field originate from the bound electrons of the conductors both sides of the gap ?

yesterday I went looking for info on direct + inverse current theory of mid 1800s , on the search path I also had a peek at 1800s theory of electrical nature of COMET trails .
also another article from 1800s on electric arc lighting etc "destruction of equilibrium" = how to generate electricity . I prefer their descriptions and study back then . (eg:faraday was dislecsic so his writings were nothing like what we read today) 


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does the mag field originate from the bound electrons of the conductors both sides of the gap ?
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The Lorentz Force expels electrons from the arc and it's the movement of these electrons towards the positive electrode, together with the opposite movement of the positive ions within the spark which produce the rings of flux around the arc.  When the T spark is allowed to go to either electrode, rather than to the arc, there is no magnetic interrupter effect.  Then it's just a normal non-feathery spark, at a higher potential than the circuit voltage since the potential of the capacitor's stored charge is added to the supply voltage.

--- Quote ---faraday was dislecsic so his writings were nothing like what we read today
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Roughly half of the commercial/industrial electricians in Phoenix are NOT dyslexic.  :)  The rest of us can very carefully figure out a complex pipe bend (conduit), then bend it backwards.  (If construction workers were normal, we wouldn't be working outside of society, with very little public contact.)  And I once glanced at a sign which said smile and it looked like it said slime.  Then I realized that I was seeing the word backwards, with the first and last letters also reversed.  So I looked at it again and it still said slime, with the l and m reversed.  I consider this ability to be an advantage, in some ways.  And I do have to proof read and edit each of my posts a number of times, to make sure I get everything right.

I am interested in how this project will develope towards the usuage in creating cheaper Hydrogen or in creating an Hydrogen isotope...
Its a bit out of my current technical scope, but i will follow happely all posts here about and will jump in if i can add something positive..




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