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Dear all,

It has been a while, but i am ready again to share a project with you all.
Its an attempt to build a VIC according to the notes of Dynodon and also to build a working resonant cavity.
I just received the cores and bobines of the VIC.
I also got 10 outer tubes and i orderd some Delrin or Pom.
Still looking for the right wire for the VIC and i must visit my metalshop to get me some inner rods for the RC.
The timeplan is 3 months.
The electronics is all here or i modify some older boards i still have.
With thanks to some good people on this earth, i think this might be the final setup and see if i can get the Meyer techno going.

I still have hope on changing the world for the better.


still trying after all those years....

Thank you Mookie.
It will be the final Meyer build for me. Or i see gas, or i stop with the Meyer journey....   ;)


Make an educated guess...
What am i going to build here?


Hey it seems a water car!

It looks like drugs, i suppose....
Here some cores i got from China.
DHL found it nessecary to open the package...


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