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The coating is the number one true secret to Stanly Meyer's Water Fuel Cell. Because without coating of TiO2 you can not have Electron Entrapment/Extraction. And the best way to apply such a coating is plasma /thermal /flame spray gun. I recently was able to obtain with help from pops such a tool. The reason dad helped were the results seen and the best quote I receive from companies providing this kind of service was $600 for a 12"in x 1'in dia tube. And it would take several weeks. So as I stated before I'm on very limited funds myself and figure I would take advantage of the awesome opportunity to provide reasonable cost services for other experimenters out there while I continue to push forward myself. I also want people to see notice and realize the coating is the secret... If I could scream it on line I would... But for sure everyone here knowing about it should end the bs suppression. Just don't forget about me please I am at poverty level and it would be nice to be able to do more then sit in apt once and awhile. Would be nice to have gas or buy chocolate milk when I want it. You know the dumb stuff alot who have take for granted. Although I don't think I'll be buying gas much longer. I would still like chocolate milk see the world, finish building my Rx-7 T2 of course using water as fuel a lab like Tesla wanted and to be generally comfortable. So if somebody has more resources, better business skills, etc. Just don't leave me hanging like Morgan did Tesla. I'd really like not to go out the same way he did that was wrong and sad. I am going to launch kickstarter asap I just didn't feel right about it til I had more of an explanation to the direction in which I was headed with it. I wanted to put water as fuel but couldn't without being able to crush the doubt as well. So now it will be Stanley Meyer's Water as Fuel Research and Development I'm not great at building web pages making movies or public relations for that matter. I'm more like the quiet one causing all the noise nobody notices behind the curtain. I kinda like it like that although would be nice if people took me serious or doubt me when I do say something. I'm sure everyone here can relate to this last one. So let the good stuff begin and long live Stanley Meyer he was one of the many other great men like Tesla who was done very wrong and made to look crazy or like a crook.. At least when people call me crazy they won't be wrong. I get a check for it... At least it's the good kind of crazy though.... lol..  ;)  I'm up for trades services parts or whatever might  be useful I need all the help I can get. So just message me here or at Right now I can not send emails from any of my accounts including (which is all I got out of releasing the ignition info back in the day that's another story though) but I can receive so leave me a name and number along with whatever other info you might have. I will get back with you asap. Godspeed

Where is this secrete revealed?
Why would Ti02 help?

Well that is interesting.  If Stan's setup is made correctly you just want to unload the current out of the positive choke like he shows. You should be able to pull 8-10 amps worth of current/Electrons thru the positive plate for 1- 2amps going in the negative plate. That means you are getting 8amps of production for 1amp or so going in.

How about the balance of charge?


--- Quote from: sebosfato on July 21, 2013, 17:15:40 pm ---Where is this secrete revealed?
Why would Ti02 help?

--- End quote ---

Pay attention to where this paper talks about metal as electron trap.


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