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Here's my new HHO cell:

I got the idea from a video by HHO4ALL.

This design uses ss sauce cups, which I got for $3.79 for a dozen.

The electrodes are ss wire ties, and there's one at the bottom and top, and one in the middle.  The connected cups are separated by four neutral cups.  As suggested, I put three strips from some nylon wire ties between the cups, for spacing.  I positioned these under the ends of the wire ties, to help firm up the electrical connections.  This was also needed for the bottom connection, so I used 12 cups in all, with the bottom cup being structural only.

I'm using a tablespoon of baking soda for the electrolyte, so the output should improve when I get some KOH.  As it is, there's enough gas to do some experiments with my voltage zone plate plasma injector.



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