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People   are gonna have to innovate and get smarter with Hydrogen , thats why I   made the things I made , so people could get past hurdles that doesnt   allow them to play around , cuz sometimes we have ideas but dont have   the tools to test em out and just talk about them for years instead .   Hope it works out so progress can be advanced .

Since I am   incredibly busy and stressed these days I have made a gamble , I have   bought this little water magnetizer from australia , I dont like my   noisy 60HZ anymore  , dont think this is the right way . They have a try   before you buy policy wich , they are not scammer americans , , worth the risk , 200 $ is not much   for something that my whole family can use , best thing is I dont even   have to argue with them with this weird shit , heres a glass of water ,   s*t*f*u and drink it ... Some of you are stuck too much I know , but you   didnt expand your mind when you had that job didnt you , that idiot box got you distracted .

So   I bought this to give me and my family an immune boost , and hopefully   give myself a boost of creativity and vision , we know how the brain is   just an absosulte mystery and is 90% water , our memory is in fact water   , its funny when you try to remember things and suddenly it just pops   up out of nowhere m its like the more you try the worst it is , you just   gotta let it come to you ... Human brain is quantum .

 I ordered   that little 180 AUD model , few glasses at a time is all I need , If   you got a farm or somebody you know has one I would start trying  the try for free policy ,   home gardening is picking up also . Also trying more meditation   techniques at leats once a week . I have been mostly on a kiwi and   apricots , trying to avoid american produce besides apricots ,  and a bit of fish diet ,   some organic yogourt and some raw ornanic eggs about once a week ,   skipped supper often. I basicly went into purge and starvation mode ,   was constantly hungry but tahst how its supposed to be , your not   supposed to be feeling full . I can tell it really helps my energy level   and concentration even if I ate less . I am working 30 hours a week and   going to school full time , its my last year now and we have tons of   projects , but I still have energy for reading and working on my   inventions .

Also   I like this guy George4title , I am thinking of hiring him to promote   my product if things work out , he looks like a nice guy , I appreciate   the work he did for RT watched all of his videos religiously for about a   year now , I simply love his no **  approach , just a few days now   Georgie ...

What he said is real real real , theres a bunch of   turtling video gamers out there wasting their unemployment on   inefficient useless belongings that only brg them closer to absolute   hopelessness and misery when they could be having fun with science , they wanna escape reality and go to lala wow land or w/e , I can see the level of idiocy on youtube by the comments of these people ,   some of them are already lost , my advice is that they go for a walk to   dc cuz its reaching that point .

. Yall should watch his videos   and start seeing that this economic mysery is the new normal , but we   gotta build positive things together and do things like a community ,   those other third world countries understand that and thats why they   will see prosperity .

Check out this cool article from Pravda

I always believed in ghosts , I watched too many documentaries online and am a believer .

When ppl dont leave this earth peacefully they stay for unfinished business , fighting wars over and over and over again , in somekind of parallel universe created by the human mind .

We could all die from a nuclear war coming in a few months anyways . 1000 nukes could launch in a minute and the media will stay dead silent with crickets in the background .

In the mean time I will just laugh myself off with these videos .

Make peace , meditate , dont stress , we will all go at the very same time . Just laugh it off like a crazy person .


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