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So after building the best oscillators ever I have done it again ,. I have built a bunch of crazy oscillators  I actually invented a massive 3 channel harmonics phase shift pure oscillator that is 100% stable . Using the appropriate analog logic that I invented with a ramp wave and comparators I created this I can make a 0-5 Khz phase shift pure sine oscillator that has no jitter and phasing issues that I can adjust with a single pot phase or amplitude and a intuitive pwm I have done it again . Some other stuff I took from others / made better / fine tuned / selected best fastest components / rendered perfect .

But that is not my latest invention , I have built the proper ampilfier to test out my oscillators , this is effectively my 3rd invention , true non-existant circuit topologies . This was the result of much analysis on what exactly is goin on with an inductive circuit , as you know the coil tries to keep the current constant , this means that the control device has to absorb the reactive energy , this is not natural as true ac is , since the source of typical generator AC is itself a piece of wire coil and not a device proned to failure and seconda breakdown . This is the reason for the bias , maximum reliability , the use of  mosfets makes this indestructible .

This is my invention , this amplifier circuit does not exists in any book , nobody biases and uses the wave in this way for audio , yet it has a few advantages over class A push pull , it is litteraly my invention and nobody does this in this way . First advantage is that is far more efficient when we have an amplitude modulated signal as dc bias is never affected by amplitude variations , unlike class A push pull or single ended . It is also durable .

I have already begun steps to patent this topologie and have already payed for research @ the patent office .

The op amp that should be should be fast slew rate , not current feedback type , good rail voltage , stable at low gain  .

As you can see this works semi-ok with various capacitive loads /reactive loads / resonant loads .

This is still un-built physically , I am about to build it with a "proper" pcb . I dont suggest you actually attempt this very difficult build without me doing it first and telling you if it is worthy to spend that very limited effort that you can squeeze out of your body . And it this is better than using an alternator , there is in fact a difference , it is more difficult to drive a complex reactive load with an amplifier , I am not gonna embark onto why that is since most of you did not research this or understand the math .

I have pust here different famous circuits , one i class A like voltage follower , other is the classic single ended , maybe you wanna learn a bit .

I will come back and give news of this once I have fully perfected and adjusted the design .

Good day !

but why would anyone need a 3 phase oscillator?

this is a single phase amplifier , you could make it 3 phase if you have the right oscillator .

You are right , nobody needs a 3 phase oscillator

( here is what I said before but was censored by Tony Woodside .

As you can see my amplifier dont work for Stan , all these errors mean it dont work .

It works well when both sides see same impedance , Puharich or Stephen like .

It works like a charm for modulation like I said , I have the perfect little am circuit that works just fine also .

So I decided to finish my project after all since this hellish crazy project will be nice on my resume anyways , when I come back from work I do a little pcb , its goin slowly since this is boring but its 80% finished so ... The dual 3 phaser , the Puharich . I will not post the actual components and what should be done to make this functionnal , the circuit itself is only 50% of the working device anyways . Everything you see here is under patent application , alot of work went into this ladies and gentlemen .

I also made a kapanadze oscillator for my kapanadze experiments , it works real nice actually  , those circuits posted by the russian guy work  , modified it a bit , Im gonna draw it up and post it on energeticforums . Its basicly a simple 4 component add-on to my EEC P mosfet design , now isntt that great ? You see how things add up easily when the HHO God is on your side . I was gonna take out my Stan pulse to save space but it looks like it will have a use after all .


--- Quote from: Dankie on July 12, 2010, 04:25:46 am ---( here is what I said before but was censored by Tony Woodside .

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I never censored you???


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