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Here is a link to the Stephen Meyers system . I find it much less obscure with understandable vocabulary . It is the patent that Stephen was referring too in the interview as more advanced and back to square one .

Next question is , can we even trust a Meyers ?

Once I know who Stephen Chambers is I will go much deeper . I want confirmation that research of at least one of these brothers actually lead to a successful design . I will try calling Xogen and ask .

 I have no doubt  that serious effort and intent was put into this by him , the CIA cannot fake effort like the stuff I saw from Don's pics , but effort and intent alone is not  enough for me .

Ok I have sent my email to Xogen  , I said I was interrested in investing and wanted to know if Stephen Chambers was related to Stan Meyers , that I heard there were fraud allegations pending and wanted to be reassured . I danced around that question in a polite manner .

Hope they answer me ...

Dankie: , maybe not this one , need cheaper .

2 of these on a aluminium box , 4 batteries is just too huge for my lab and a pain in the *  .

Most efficient possible , neet , quiet , fast and portable .

Dankie's way .

For DC pulsing I''l use a smallish 12 volt battery . These power supplies have delay .

So I have studied 3 phase systems before at school , we got a 3 phase power supply and everything there , I understand it perfectly when it comes from the wall plugs but this is a bit "mindbending" to me .

This is a solid state version of a 3 phase AC system , as you can see this is strange . I have made an very good 3 phase pure sine solid state driver with some pretty powerful amplification . Phase A,B,C are 120 degs out of phase and have same common ground , they all use same power supply .

I basicly wish to connect this as a Y source , delta load configuration .

I have spent much mental energy trying to figure out how I should connect it , it is very strange to me . I have much experience @ school as I just connect the alternator leads properly for this type of connection but this seems strange to me .

It seems to me like I already have my common source point , ( ground ) , is this the right connection ? Can this even be done ? I know it can be done via a transformer Y on the primary to delta on the secondary where neutral is my ground but I wanna try with no transformer . See the pic .

I am probably gonna make a 3 phase transformer myself with some faster core material since these dont exist , luckily the faster you go the less wire you need , this is easier to make than a VIC , just a big E and an I . This is gonna be just a nasty fun replication , I can now see what I should do , I have dealt with similar circuits as the WFC load in my 3 phase course , this is technician level circuitry .

Never mind , looks like we have a winner here . Dont be mad because I'll be the first to replicate Meyers  . Dont be surprised if I do .

This is more than hooking up metal to a battery and then saying it doesnt work , do not even think for a moment that your efforts were up to my standards .

. This is faith gentlemen , this is devotion, spending hundreds of hours on an attempt @ making something totally useless beyond replicating a patent that might not even work . Reverse engineering something that couldnt otherwise be done just for the sake of doability and efficiency .

All I need now is tubes and 6 X power veroboards , 6 x relays , these are with some impedance components . I can do this under 1000$ hahaha .


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