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A Hydrohphone is what they are called , you need this to perform the bbreaking glass experiment with a tube in water , calculating it and tuning it will be impossible .


I asked this guy if the Hydrophone saturates immediatly w/e the frequency or if it is sensitive enough to give me a good plot of whats going on with the acoustics of my tubes .

I have my fingers crossed . 8)


Re: Hey dude
Re: Hey dude
Aquarian Audio products does not sell the same one I used anymore. The newer one that is roughly equivalent is about twice as expensive. Even still it is about 10x cheaper than serious instrument quality hydrophones. It is possible to make your own hydrophone much more cheaply according to tutorials online, but I never tried it myself.

The frequency and amplitude of the electrical signal will both depend on the frequency and power of the sound in the water that you are measuring. The best think you can do is get a datasheet on the part direct from the company selling it.

I may have used a small amplifier in the videos I posted showing the oscilloscope. I don't remember exactly. I seem to recall that I could hook up the hydrophone directly to the oscilloscope with some success, but if the sound you are measuring is not very loud you will probably need some amplifier circuits.

good luck and have fun.

After this I will be done and admit defeat ...

I will release my circuit before christmas , its been a really bumpy and expensive ride , the devil plays tricks with you .

1 year from now I  will be  a  full fledge technician , I may pursue my education if I can find a well payed part time job .

Sometimes I just feel totally lost to tell you the truth , I need to learn more .


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