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How much HHO can run an average car?..


Let`s say if we want to start and drive a car with a 2 liter (about 100 HP )four cylinder engine.
I am not sure if this can be calculated for we have to test anyway, but how much HHO do you think we need?...  50? 100?.. 200?..
How much HHO can we make per liter water?..

I got this one.
At 1000 rpm, 30% volumetric efficiency (idle), and an air fuel ratio of 34:1
You need about 2 L per second of E-gas.
With exhaust recycling (25%) and outside air (25%) you can reduce the egas to 50%, 1 L per second.
All speculation until it is done by us ofcourse.
Water to steam is expansion of 1600:1
Water to H and O expansion of 1800: 1 (about)
So 1L of water makes 1600 L of steam and/or 1800 L H2 and O2.
Hope that helps.

That helps a lot warj1990!
Now i have to see how much gas one tube can make at maximum so i can find out how many tube cells i need to get 120 - 150 liter minute...
I guess it is better to make too much gas then too little.


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