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Atomic Hydrogen

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This comes back to what Stephen Meyers was saying .

'' You dont have to produce alot of gas '' Then he talked about how you can ''destabilise'' helium and release energy 10,000 to 1 .

So Radiant, how was Stan doing it with the injector  ???

For those who would like to try it out...
The electrolysis cell here could also be a tank of Hydrogen...or a pressure vessel to react lye and aluminum to make H2

It's actually a bit complicated...I will attempt to explain it.
Stan made ionized air in his gas proc. that we all know...well, reading his patents I found that the ionized air IS HIS EEC (in the water plug patent)...see ionized air is mostly ozone. Ozone destroys germs and stuff by stripping electrons. By using the ionized gas mixed with water vapor and "non-combustible" gasses what happened when the molecule was elongated is that the water molecule's split because the ozone stole electrons from the stretched water molecule.
My theory is that the gasses allowed the oxygen to bind away to form other molecules (Nitrogen oxide, O2, etc) , yet allowed the hydrogen to remain unattached and that is what he was saying by stating "Cannot form back to water"....and the I believe the "Atomic Hydrogen" process is what Stan was talking about when he said "Atomic Decay of Hydrogen"....IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!!
It's the Atomic Hydrogen creates a VERY HOT FLAME/HEAT WAVE....or as Meyer called it "Thermal Explosive Energy"...

I cannot stress enough how important this phenomena is....It's what makes the energy output OU!!

Can O3  be created by voltage without arc over and without UV rad.?

Yes Alan
There is three ways to make ozone

1.Hot Ozone...where two HV areas are near and the arc creates O3
2.Ultra Violet bombardment (takes a long time)
3.Cold Plasma Ozone...where coronal discharge from two insulated electrodes creates ozone

My friend has an original cold plasma ozone is just a HV neon sign xformer connected to four  one terminal bulbs filled with gasses. Two bulbs on one lead...two on the other, they are spaced apart about 1/4"....there are little purple coronal arcs that appear between the bulbs. That is the most efficient HV O3 generator because there is no short.

I drew this for u


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