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Just setting up my project no content yet.
I'll start loading content this weekend

Here we go.  I wound this based on How to wind a vic.   On question I have is the main coil are now insulated by the PVC .1875 spacing.  That's supposed to be 500Volts per mill. That works out to 93,750 volts.  My question is where the wires cross over to go too the next space.  or since it's only 1 wire the real issue is the net of the voltage across the main bundles.

I hand hoped to finish today. However wife and kids wanted to go to the beach.  We had a blast.

I finished the Bifilar and primary all thats left with that is to solder to the post.

I turned the secondary and did a primary bore.  I'll finish boring that tomorrow night.

With luck maybe Wednesday I'll be able to take it for a power up.

Here are some picks.  I'll work on the quality

Raw Stock

Bifilar / primary turned

Bifilar / primary with wire

Secondary just turned


you and john are skilled in the craft.


Making pretty bobins is the easy part winding them in my only pain.  I know you say by hand however I think I might go mad doing that.  I did a 600 turn torodial last weekend.  Also as I was so far in I solder that broken wire and coated with enamal.  With luck I'll fire this up wednesday or Friday.


look forward to seeing it's outputs.

i have no real machine.

i make little contraptions out of coffee cups,extra ss tubes, and toilet paper rolls and i just start counting.

did you make the toroid from the patent?

i had to wind this one by hand with a long thin spool and everything is layered with tape.

what was the outcome with your toroid coil if it was the one from the patent.....most notably how quickly did it get ho?


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