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Variable Voltage Amplitude Control

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variable voltage amplitude control.

it works perfectly!


the variable voltage amplitude control creates DC voltage anywhere from 0-140 volts dc and replaces the standard 12 volt battery and my function generator's limit of 5 volts amplitude.


--- Quote from: kinesisfilms on April 14, 2009, 17:57:24 pm ---it works perfectly!

--- End quote ---
it actually works? you are generating gas?

no i ahve been taking a break today.....i blew through 3 mosfets trying to figure out how to make the voltage amplitude control thing......I MEAN THE VARIABLE VOLTAGE AMPLITUDE CONTROL WORKS PERFECTLY!...i get all the waveforms up until the cell becuase i have not yet connected it to a cell......BUT TODAY IS THE DAY!

hopefully hopefully hopefully.

i have to get everything else right before i jump into gas production.

good luck man, i hope the watercap won't destroy all your waveforms and high voltage like it normally does.

hope to read here later.

yeah that is why i had to increaes voltage amplitude.....becuase regardless of tubes or not the waters resistance ruins the waveform......this might be why a minimum amplitude of 13 volts is needed.....and with my scope probes connected it adds all the more resistance.

so here we go....going to set everything up.


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