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RLC resonance

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I am under the impression that the gas processor only goes to about 2000 volts and in that range. Ionizing air/oxygen/hydrogen is different than ionizing the water.

dankie what are you talking about with am not even there yet.......

your not a very good reader are you?....or maybe you are confused and i am confused.......i just said that i figured out the voltage amplitude control and that yes it does is actually incredibly simple. REALLY.

and donald it takes a very very high voltage to ionize is stated in the tech brief that it takes more voltage to ionize gas then to split the water.......

wf cell will never reach 40,000 can but then you would be splitting water and ionizing the particles inside the cell and exploding them all in an "instant"......then you have just successfully made a bomb.....that is why gas and water are done seperately then re-combined.....this is why i think the gas processor has an earth ground.....and the wfc has an isolated ground...for different voltage levels.

there is a reason why there are 2 different bifilar connections.

i will draw a picture of my setup for variable voltage control.

much to learn i guess, and i've already learned so much...

Glad to see you are making progress and discoveries and sorting things out.

alright so when i get back i will make a new thread on the varialbe voltage control and draw the schematic for it in technical form and in pretty picture form.


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