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RLC resonance

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well it is off to find resonance.

resonance is the gated frequency......

this is how it is accomplished with the diode.

so here we go.

so here is what is going on right now.....i find the more resistance in the way of the circuit the harder it is to push through it with my function generator my function generator's dc offset and amplitude only go so far.....

i am going to try and get a power amplifier (the kind used in cars).....maybe from a friend or from a pawn shop.

hopefully this may actually allow me to have the pushing force i so desire.

i think i could achieve resonance and finally solve meyers but i need to have a little more amplitude is only 5 volts.....and dc offset is only 20 is a combination of these 2 variables that makes the double pulse now if i can just push a little harder and tweak through the resistance which dumbs down my signal.....(even though it is going through a mosfet it still does this.)

none of this may sound correct but i understand how my function generator works a little more now.

so hopefully this will be the next step.

i have to cash a check tomorrow then i will go out and get one of these.

i need something that will push up my amplitude......a mosfet does not do will pump in power......but it will not increase both in uniform....this may also be why i have to play with their ratios.

an audio amplifier will amplify the entire signal.

this may be why meyers always talks about 13 volts minimum to split need an amplitude of 13 volts on your signal wave.

the minimum amplitude for this to work is called the

electrical-stress threshold start-point.

as stated in the independant report.

ughhh can't seem to find an audio amplifier......

would anyone happen to know a way to increase voltage amplitude?

as in stan's circuit there are 3 components...

a variable pulse generator 50 percent duty cycle

a variable voltage amplitude control

and a variable pulse gate control

i have all of those but my amplitude is only of 5 volts......i need something with much a much higher voltage amplitude......

anyone electronics experts that would know of a quick solution?


--- Quote from: kinesisfilms on April 13, 2009, 21:06:37 pm ---ughhh can't seem to find an audio amplifier......

--- End quote ---
audio amplifiers are available at music stores, such as


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