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okay guys, i'm going to do another try.
same 4 tubes, spaced by hot glue, gap is between 1mm and 1,5mm, 32cm long.
i have a conventional toroidal transformer from 2x12 (series: 24V) to 230V and an iron core transformer from 26 to 230V, will use one of them.
my pulse generator is a mikrocontroller atmega system capable of putting out pulses from 0 to 8Mhz in 1024 steps. Duty cycle 0 to 100%. i just need to finish the casing.
i have wound a bifilar coil with each having an inductivity of 1,23mH, if they are connected tesla-style i have an inductivity of 5,26mH.

My setup will be:
Pulse generator -> 12V to 30V going into transformer -> ~200V into rectifier -> coil in -> water cap -> opposite coil

i'll post some updates and photos soon.

Ok, Haithar,

Looking forward to your findings with yr processor.


Hi there, interesting project you got. Since last time I believe also the spacers, hanging device and the gap is very important and the thickness and length of your pipes. You are doing well though and need some optimism. COP is not so important I believe, HHO production is only one part of the story getting an engine running.

Good luck!

i had some ideas while watching a parallel resonant circuit.

watch closely at 400 Hz.
now i wanted to see if it is possible that two lights glow intensely while the one is glowing very dim, indicating a minimum in power input into the circuit.

that is indeed possible if all bulbs are identical! the resistance of the whole circuit is in resonance R = 1.5 * Rbulb (it's a maximum),
which means it's larger than the one bulb alone but lighting three, two of them very intense. The current through cap and coil cancel each other out.

now let's see if there could be any use for a water fuel cell which needs current for electrolysis.

the important thing with a water capacitor is the leaking as an ohmic resistance which is measurable as current with dc voltage. this resistance has to be very large and coil and cap have to be tuned to ensure a high Q rating.

good you are getting the right track

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