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Ok guys, I have not posted in some time because I have been busy fixing my lab and doing some experiments.

 I have found something interesting. I was able to break water into HHO using only 0.6 volts across the cell. It is all about electron flow thru water and not so much voltage potential across the cell.

1st you will need a very high voltage resonance circuit so when the circuit is in resonance there are massive amounts of electrons flowing between the CAP and inductor. once you have such circuit,  you redirect the electrons to flow thru the WFC, but in the same direction, for that we use a full bridge rectifier in series with the LC circuit and connect the WFC to the + and - of the bridge. so now the LC circuit will still resonate and the electrons will be forced to flow thru water.

during one of my tests, I measure only 0.6 volts across the cell and there was hho. my resonance voltage was about 3Kv. the circuit was using 140 miliamps at 13.4 volts.

Excellent man , new concept totally

Its pretty good to see you produce something without having such a high voltage between the cell , I know its impossible to see a really 1000 v across the cell unless you are using some super pure water .

How much bubbles were you getting ? Still very nice to see you had HV  and production .

 During my 1st tests, there wasn't that much HHO, but the fact that there was only 0.6 volts across the cell using tap water, I find it very important.

I also used today's Melted Snow and it also works, the voltage across the cell using melted snow was about 9 volts.

now I started using 2 diodes, one resistor, and the WFC just like in Stan's VIC, and it also works, but the bridge works better.

now I need to achive higher resonance volatge maybe in the 50KV or even more. the higher the voltage, more electrons will have to flow thru water.

If any of you have a nice Tesla coil, that would be great for this. I would say put the bridge rectifier between the secondary and the top air capacitor.

The bridge I used was just 4 1000 volt ultra fast diodes. they worked just fine since the volatge across them will be way below 1000 volts even if resonance is at over 3KV.

Pics from the doc

I ran some more tests in this theory,

I increased the resonance voltage to about 10kv, and the sad news is that the production did not increase porpotional to the voltage increase.

the voltage across the cell using TAP water did raise to 2.2 volts.


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