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Cheap plate cell

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wow c pa cher lol, mais tu faire quoi avec ca? des cell ou des patente electronique lol ???

des Bobines ...

Pas qestion d"avoir de la production utile sans faire de bobines ...

PQ tu pense que moi je planifie la construction de ma bobine depuis des mois lol....

Check mes posts , je suis une methode tres scientifique .

monsieur et madame...mes amis...

Please keep it in englisch here...
If you wanna talk french, then please do that in PM's to eachother.

Monsieur Steve

yeah i saw it, too much complicated for me right now lol. Ok i will probably look like a noob again with my tiny cell here but i come up with something interesting i think, lol. With this setup earlier -n+n-n+n- 3/16 space between plates ive got    so many junk of the water that it would be possible to grown some plant in it lol but then i tryed this setup +- around 1/32  space between plates ive then got no scum at all... except for the pink water  ::) and it produced better that the first one... probably less efficient but who care  :P all this in tap water. Im sure some of u maybe already know why  ???

A simple tip for you Fred, clean your plates with vinegar (strong solution) then hock up your plates with +nnnn- meaning four neutral plates
Then go buy some distilled water or "battery refill" water, go to you loqal hardware store and buy a box of pure LYE (NAoH read the label, pellets most likely and with NO aluminum in it)
Start with two or three tea spoons of NAoH/LYE first in 4L of distilled water, this way you can control how much your cell is going to draw/how many amps, the more LYE the more amps (conductivity of water)
You would like to have less than 2V pr plate gap and at 12V and 4 neutrals you should be in that range
This way you keep your plates clean and no "gunk" in the water

Good luck and happy testing

Mr H2inICE


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