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Cheap plate cell

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I think all is said here.
My 2 cents are just simple. Keep on building and learning.
For me a drycell with a very small gap is working.
For Hydro a wetcell is the best.
Much of it is related to the water you wanna use.

I preach as long as i can remember, no to use chemicals and destilled, because of many reasons.
1. chemicals eat your hard paid cell
2. chemicals slow down the burnrate of the hydrogen
3. chemicals and destilled water cost  money

So, decide what type of water you wanna use and go from there! ;) ;)


i was thinking about using distilled cause its produce no scum.. or maybe some tap water but mine getting a little dirty. For now im going to test my bowl at 1mm gap with distilled and tap water... its all about fun here nothing scientific  :P thanks!


Hydro I pmed you a question

Here is the process you speak of Hydro

No mater how you do electrolysis you are going to get chromium and a few other exotic elements in your process, that's a fact and you can't get by that
the thing is if you use pure water/distilled water you would have some way of controlling that, with tap water you don't since you don't know what is contaminating the water
as for LYE/NaOh or KOH/Potassium hydroxy it's cheap and it's NOT going to destroy your plates, that's just the crap people that don't have the experience in the field tell you
I know for a fact that it's true, I did the water test's, and I know what it mean
Some companies have been building electrolysers since the 1960's it's no secret, soak up the tech and use it for your purpose Fred

Build your version first, learn about what YOU can do, THEN you can soak up further development in this tech field

Mr H2inICE


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