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Im working on a new cell right now; very cheap and work good for now. If everything goes well i will make it way bigger  ;D
The gaps between plate are 3/16. The only problem i have with it right now its that it produce alot of scum due to some oil on plate i guess...  :-X i sanded them but dont seem to be enough.
U can easily see the crap on the plates in those pictures. The setup is -n+n-n+n-. The plate cost me 3$ canadian so i think we can says cheap  :P
more to come  ;D

just trying to make a efficient cell that dosent cost much! I mean the stainless around here always cost a high shipping cost cause im from canada  :P
wanted to make 6 cell with 30 plate in each, tell me want u think i should do  ;D. my goal is also to acheive it without stuff in water much possible.

d'une marde a l'autre , tu perd ton temps . Les cells ca marchent jamais , peu importe comment y sont configure .

Achete moi du fil pi fais toi des bobines 0 amperage

lol, ouai faudrai jessai ca jen ai acheter 150' lautre jour; fils de peche en ss  ::) jvai pensee a toi si jmen achete dautre  ;D

Lol , une live a 15,000

quinze mille


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