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Possible OU circuit!!


Here is something I have been massaging in my brain.

looks simple , what are the coils ???

Great work electrojolt , can you explain more plz  ::)

ok, the idea is to pulse the bottom transformer and use the forward power, then as the pulse turns off, the kick back emf charges the 10uf capacitor, then, the capactitor is discharged  into the top transformer.

the power from the top transformer is collected as its magnetic field is colapses

when you discharge a cap into an inductor, it all happens very fast, trying to use the forward pulse power is wrong becasue it does not last long. but that pulse still creates a very large magnetic field in the core, so now we can control how we release that power, by having a lower resistor, it takes longer for the magnetic field to collaps.

the bottom transformer primary is in the low mH, and secondary is set for the desired voltage.

the top transfomer primary will be much higher inductance, becasue the voltage on the cap is higher.

now, there is still a component missing, and that is an switching insolator and a transistor to work as the switch that will transfer the power from the CAP to the top transformer.

I am still looking for a good combination,

feel free to help.

Nice, electrojolt. Nice idea!



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