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Has anyone played with using 3phase ESC for brushless motors???

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Brushless 3 phase motors hooked up to a step up transformer like the lines on the pole. I have an ESC but don't have transformer to do the job at the moment. When they start it makes a beeping sound like there is a speaker in it. There is no speaker…

Video with ESC power fuel cell.
Having issues posting vids.. Follow link.. Tried many times to fix video posting issue. It appears to have something to do with YouTube turning my video into a short. Any help is appreciated.


Proposed drawing of 3phase esc

High output water fuel cell using brushless ESC
Take note of the fog or vapors coming off the top of  the cell.


--- Quote from: fastimports3 on September 25, 2021, 20:27:09 pm ---Proposed drawing of 3phase esc

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I always have asked myself where the third leg was connected to.....
Cool video, btw.
Do you have any power consumption on that test?


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