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Is there a way for me and others interested to see...
I think the site needs an upgrade or something. I'd like to see the "projects by members" listed instead of grouped and id like for people to have to log in separately to my project page with permission.
I just think it would be nice if I and others that want to share a project have the ability to deny certain people that privilege.

I will have a look, Newguy.
I have no problems with your request, but i dont know if this software has that ability.
Ill come back on this to you.


Hi Newguy,

I can make for your projectsection a special access group.
Only members of that group can access your projectsection.
Sofar the good news.
I cannot find any way that i can grand you some kind of admin rights for putting members in that group.
The easiest way is just to PM me and i will add or remove members of that group.
Can that work for you?


Cool yea thatll work :)


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