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Okay I know its only one tube right now but the idea is to have 6 total cells.
I have yet to figure how I want to wire them because I hope this will be the mack-daddy demonstration cell... as in its going to be done up nice.

I'll post the progress of this new new cell here from now on...

more to come.

great carbednotch,, first things first...

for one,, Nice job man!

It would really mean alot to me if you would run a test on your tube,, before you do i just want to say that the results from this test will be low...

what i would like for you to do is get a cup of some sort, "something to measure gas with," a small bottle? and if you can report back how many cc's you can produce in 1 minute that would be awsome bro!

what i will learn from this test is how many cc's per second your tube can produce, and i guess around .38 cc's a second, you tell me what you produce a min and i'll tell you what you produce a second,, i assume you'll make about  23 cc's a min...   thanks for the video man!

later on when you get your amp meter working we can measure volts and amps across the cell, but your gas output is the most important thing for me right now...

if you need any help with your email just let me know. is good

Got the 5 tubes made and in the cell.
The unit is not complete as of yet.

making progress...


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