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There is a guy in clearwater working with WFC tech. He made it on the news a little while back.
You ought to see if you can find him somehow. I know he is in clearwater.

There is a:

They use a Youll Brown type machine made in China.

Have heard to be prepared to sign a non disclosure/non compete agreement if you go visit them.

Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc.
Makers of Aquygenâ„¢, a combustible gas made from water that is a safe, cost-effective, and an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional industrial gases.

There is also a guy in Palm Harbor, FL not far from Clearwater:

Then there is a guy from Largo, FL next to Clearwater as well :

William H. RICHARDSON, Jr.

Aqualene // AquaFuel


MagneGas at the City of Dunedin Florida

I would love to meet any of you guys in FL, but until this technology you all are working on is free sourced, secured, and have working how to tutorials published online from this site... it might be a little safer to wait a little longer. Once this tech is out in the open, I would feel a bit safer meeting with people from all over at some kind of summit that could be held, where everyone can get together in our new hydro cars, but if you guys do start meeting up just be careful, we don't need to loose anyone. I know I'm sounding a little over cautious, but what is going on here is stepping on some pretty big toes, and I just don't want to see anything bad happen to anyone, thats all.


Down here in South Central Florida below the Big O. Watch out for my guard gator if you come knockin.  ;D

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 I will be in Ocala, at least 1 day., if anyone is interested ???


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