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Here I`m attaching some photos of a VIC i`v built some time ago.
I built this on a TV flyback transformer core and is smaller than Meyer`s WFC multi VIC setup, therefore I used smaller guage wire (36awg) so to be able to fit as much as turns.
It has a primary(yellow)  600turns
secondary(blue) 4000turns
two chokes (red) 4000turns each
Resistance and inductance of each coil is attached on one of the pics.

Soon will be redoing some testing of this thing and keep you informed.


here is the first test for the VIC above.
I connected the vic as per 'Control and Driver Circuit' patent
I measured the output to cell using 2 probes.
Probes were connected common ground before L1(TX5). then to +ve(green) and -ve(yellow) treminal of cell.
differential voltage output is also calculated  by the oscope and shown in red. This is what the actual voltage across the water gap is.
The 2 waveformes on each terminal are axactly in phase.
There is some sort of resonance @10.4khz where the sine waves on each terminal rise to 120v ptp as you can see below. But this has notting to do with the capacitance of cell because I replaces several tube sets with different gaps and lenght during testing however the resonance points remained the same. This gives me indication that this resonance is in the coils itself and the water gap has notting to do with it.

Now the next step:
Should I start unwinding L2(tx5) and check for phase shift?
At the moment these have L1 4000 : L2 4000 exactly
if I`m understanding some people correctly some are suggesting that turns ratio should be L1 1 : L2 [12th root of 2]
therefore this should be L1 4000 : L2 3775


This is the input across primary
here it is pulling 35mA of current

This is the output to the cell terminals and whats in between is calculated in red.

Do you tried reverse terminals of the L2 choke?


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