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KOH and SS resistance

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Looking over my past work in this topic I notice the resistance drop around 3 amps on all the tests.

So the 3 amps of gas production is allowing the water to flow, causing a drop in electrical resistance.

So to make our cells more efficient we need to circulate the water (more amp draw for same voltage).

Here is a chart of the last experiment and resistance.

I would consider this to be voltage dependent, however with different water, KOH and Tap, I am seeing different voltage levels(3 volts vs 70 volts) for the effect.  While current is showing a pattern, therefor allowing water movement as the gas is produced.

The chart should say "Resistance Ohms - could be associated with water flow/movement"
Not on the current graph.

Wanted to note a late edit on reply # 8 where the voltage raised 1 volt and amperage doubled.

Added Water Resistance VS Voltage, natural tap water.


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