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Different kind of VIC Circuit

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Wanted to share this new VIC Idea with you all.  Working on building.


--- Quote from: warj1990 on June 08, 2011, 02:29:55 am ---Wanted to share this new VIC Idea with you all.  Working on building.

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I like the idea!
Looking forward to read some details of your tests.


Planning on just 2 chokes, or split secondary on the first attempts.   I will call the secondary as choke A and choke B for reference.

Each Segment consists of 80 turns of 24 awg wire.  4 segments per choke coil. 

Choke A: 320 turns total, inductance 44.5 mH

Choke B: 320 turns total, inductance 46.4 mH

Give or take some for the cheap meter I use.

I am planning on using a 1600 v 0.1 uF  capacitor on the secondary side.

Blocking diodes are 600 volt, 15 amp rating.
(Edit: Voltage rating should be plenty as the water will conduct with anything above 1.2 volts)
( In theory the only voltage reading at the cell is the voltage drop of the water itself, the rest is recycled)

Target AC frequency is 1668 hz.

Anything off this frequency will result in XL killing the voltage, very low Q, and or, loss of efficiency in cycling.

I may cut the secondary capacitor in half to target a higher frequency of 2359 hz.

I still need to complete the primary winding (tune to primary cap for above freq. aka tank circuit)  and complete the tube in tube cell - lots of machining on this still.


Not really any testing or updates as of yet.  Just wanted to bring some photos of the last few days here.

I am not going to try and match resonance between the primary and secondary tanks yet.  My meter keeps bouncing around with the L figures.

I did find out a DRSSTC  (dual resonant solid state tesla coil) has the same type of pulse train Meyer used - worth a trip to google if you are interested.

Primary ended up being 20 turns on each half.  Secondary 80 x 8 = 640 turns.  / 20 primary = 32:1 step up X former.

Min. voltage to operate is 15 volts input.

Primary in resonance drives the voltage up by PIE.  Input min now 15 * PIE = 47.12 volts  * 32 (step up) = 1508 volts on secondary cap.

Allow for 20 percent losses = about 1200 volts on the secondary cap ends.



Sorry guys, 

I am now the winner of the largest picture contest.  I will resize any further photos.


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