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Separated gas output cell Hydrogen/Oxygen

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--- Quote from: sebosfato on October 10, 2010, 23:32:07 pm ---Yes the efi is what regulate the gasoline injection, it measures the amount of oxygen coming out on the exhaust with this sensor called lambda, and control the gasoline injection maintaining to i think is 8% the amount of oxygen that must come out normally, than if for example it senses that less oxygen than 8% came out it will add more gasoline and vice versa...

Yes I think that they are adding only H2 for fooling the lambda, this way you consume more oxygen from the air and so it will automatically sends less gasoline, it is also safer...

However if you want even more efficiency, in my believe you would need to have the highest concentration of oxygen possible, but this would force you to also control the efi signal, otherwise you would only have more power in your engine, witch would also cause a better milage too thought... In most cases is very easy, you just need to use a potentiometer and a couple of resistors to make a voltage divider...   The lambda probe will send a voltage signal to control the injection you just need to raise or to lower this voltage signal to actually control it... There are some circuits also out there...

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I know how an EFi works sebosfato. I have played with the thing for a couple of weeks now with my HHO cell. I did many adjustments, had some good results but mostly not good enough or really bad. The large amount of variables make it all not stable enough for me, thats why I'm working on the separation cell which cut out the oxygen. Adding only hydrogen to the air intake makes the lamda sensor"say", "hey, the mixture is to rich lets pump lesser gasoline". The electrical signal from the lambda will be different to the computer or regulator.

In theory the hydrogen is 100% or close to that, so yes, the new cell will put pure hydrogen to the engine.

I am busy with building, but I have to ask vipond50 (youtube) first if my schematic is right.  I just want to be sure if the design is ok. Many days ahead cutting plates, gaskets and membranes.



--- Quote from: Logic on October 11, 2010, 12:57:06 pm ---So what do you do with the O2? Vent it into the car's interior?  :)

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The O2 is only good for the environment for now. Or maybe its come in handy when somebody gets oppressed  ;D


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