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Starting at the Genesis of Stanley Meyer's Work - The Demo Cell

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Welcome spectators and skeptics alike.  Please have a chair and get comfortable as this thread should be fun if it stays on course.  In order to foster this type of atmosphere and objective, please read the following guidelines in their entirety:

·   Please follow this general set of ground rules which only pertains to this particular thread before posting ANYTHING.
·   Please do not post in this thread if you have nothing to contribute.
·   Please do not use any derogative or otherwise defamatory remarks towards anyone posting in this thread.
·   Please stay on topic.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me begin by explaining the nature of the project being showcased in this thread. 
This thread is dedicated to Stanley Meyer’s demo fuel cell. The same one he used to convince the reluctant United States Patent and Trademark Office that his technology was actually legitimate. It was largely because of this demo cell that the USPTO finally granted Meyer his patent(s).

The reason I am making this my first project on this forum is because I believe this device (the tubular array demonstration water fuel cell or whatever you choose to call it) to be crucial in laying down a solid foundation concerning the discoveries of Stanley Meyer. If we don’t understand exactly how this device operates and how to build it, then there is really no need to dabble into more advanced concepts and related devices as this, in my humble opinion, would become just another classic example of putting the cart before the horse.
I believe you must be able to crawl before you can walk. Walk before you can run and run before you can fly. Until we are able to produce copious amounts of hydroxy gas, there is no need to start talking about water injectors, gas processors, plasma spark plugs or fitting our devices to internal combustion engines. This is a journey back to the basics of Stanley Meyer.
I’ve watched many other threads that attempted to tackle the demo cell in the past here and on other forums only to become convoluted and hijacked by experimenters trying to steer the direction of these threads away from their original purpose. I’m trying to avoid this happening in this one.
Let us now begin to crawl.

I agree with you, that is why I started with the early systems, and studied the alternator and drew the connections between it and the VIC coil, and worked my way into a better understanding. The early systems are important to learn from. A nice demo cell will always be a nice demo cell to use for demonstrations after you have progressed.


However, looking back now, after all the work I've done. I think a Variable Spacing Plate Cell would be more useful than a Tubular Array Cell. This is because you will be able to vary the capacitance over a large range and experiment with various coils and VICs.

Also, many have built nice tubular arrays, and failed because they didn't understand the requirements of the Control and Driver Circuit, and the VIC. The cell is ONLY one part.

Please allow me to go over some of the specific objectives of this thread. The goal of this thread is to explain how to build Meyer’s demonstration water fuel cell step by step in detail. When we are finished building the cell correctly, we will be generating copious amounts of hydroxy gas in the same manner that Stanley did. In order for our objectives to be met, our resulting water fuel cell must:
·   Produce hydroxy gasses well in excess of Faraday’s Law regarding input power/gas production.
·   Remain cool to the touch without excess heat after running for hours.
·   Be as simplistic as possible to build and replicate.
In preparation for this project, I have ordered materials to begin this build well in advance of starting this thread. I have also constructed a customized lab which is a stand alone structure that is 12 feet wide by 20 feet long and is 11 feet tall from the ground up. It has a 70AMP, 240 volt service complete with overhead fluorescent lighting inside. For anyone who is interested in building such a structure of their own, I will be starting an additional thread complete with plans and assistance at a later date located in my projects section.
This thread will be the first time that I have ever allowed anyone (besides my close friends and family) to look inside my lab and see my setup. I will be posting many color photos of my water fuel cell build as we go.
I have spent thousands of dollars of my own money and countless hours pouring over hundreds of postings to get to where I am at currently. I know many of you on this site have done the same if not much, much more. I only mention these facts to you in order to convey the seriousness and determination of my efforts here. Please understand that this undertaking is NOT all about me and it’s not all about being clever. It’s about our planet. It’s about our neighbors. It’s about our children. It's about making a change before it's too late. It’s about the future generations who will inherit what we leave behind.


Sounds Good, If you wish I can provide insight and drawings for how I replicated the construction of Stan's Demo Cell.

I'm just pointing out the most beautiful cell in the world is just a paper weight if you don't put the same focus and energy and money into the VIC and the Control and Driver Circuits.


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