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I got this mower about 2 years ago. It was broke down and I had to fix a bunch of stuff like all new blades, belts, tubes and the factory carb always gave me problems. I decided to try building a vapor carb after my old one got clogged or something. The bubbler works with gasoline but needs to have more adjustments to fine tune engine from cold to hot run modes.Also the fuel level within the bubbler runs best at a certain level. Too much or to little and it will either run lean or verysuper rich. I have never had any combustion occur within the bubbler.  After about 5 min of running the mower, the bubbler becomes cool to the touch. Like air conditioning. The bubbler is something of a project to "fine tune" as any other part. Here is a link to see the vapor carb on my mower:

After using the vapor carb I got an idea on the fuel demands and variances in them at cold and hot engine temps. But the bubbler alone does not do everything that a heat exchanger would do so I decided to go for it and make one like Paul Pantone's free online plans. I build the GEET reactor and am in the process of installing it on my mower. Here is a vid on the reactor build:


Those are very good video's, CN!
Loved that action vid on the grasmower...hahahaha

To give you a tip on your construction:
The innertube and outertubes are ok, but you could try to make one endbouching bold on the outside. (No threading)
Use a copper ring to make it airtide.
So, when you mount it all together with help of those endboucing, which you screw on the innertube, you tight it all up.

I'm glad u like the lawn mower cruse at full speed! Good advice there Steve. I also recommend doing it that way now that I have more experience. Hopefully mine dont leak.
Anyway, I made another vid on my build. I call this one the installation.
I started by cutting the front of the frame off for more room. Then I cut the muffler can off.  Next I welded the intake fittings on the bubbler and intake manifold. Also put all the firrings on the reactor. I still have the factory carb on the engine. Ill make my first tests with it in place.


I wonder what fuel I should try first?


Got a bran new hi-flow muffler can! Sweet!!!

my suggestion is to start with petrol and water on a 50% basis. That will work well.



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