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Transformer with VIC setup

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yea i was thinking maybe stan had a analog signal on the positive source 0-12v variable with the gating transistor  on the other end to incorporate a digital means to the variable 0-12 analog...

So what do you mean outlaw by analog signal and digital signal .

Pulses are considered what again lol ?

That would mean 2 mosfets in series .

To me that makes no sense , there is only one on the ground side . Komtek had the same opinion but its just bizarre , anyways my logic permits that by a switch of a wire lead .

But running 2 mosfets in series can get noisy .

IMO If there is no current there is nothing , its just a bunch of mumbo jumbo .

what i mean is you have a ramped signal allowing positives potential to be seen in the coil from the battery haveing a variable ramp peak from 0- 12 volts with the incorperation of a digital gate..  is that possible to have a  regulative means  of veriating source voltage while gating a signal have both signals that are being transmitted from opposite sides of primary?


Hi Outlawstc,

I had to go back to the technical brief to perhaps clear up what I was trying to explain.  Look at figure 3-5 of the technical brief.  Follow the path from the laser accelerator to the VIC.  The analog voltage generator is separate and somewhere inbetween.  There's logic to manage and control it.  So what could an analog voltage generator be?  I believe it might be similar to figure 7-13.  Maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong.


o that ... well thats not easy to do at all with much amps trust me , things can get messy with even 5 volts logic pulsing a 12v transistor . You can probably make the signal @ low power on a breadboard without too much problems ...

Thats why I use all cmos with my pulser , all @ same pressure , much less problems .

What happens is that analog signals like sine wavea and op amps and digital signals dont like to me mixed for some reason ,  they need seperate ground return paths , and the power circuit needs also his own personal return path . They can all share the same +Power path tho , as long as its big and low impedance . And they need big return paths with low impedance (inductance) .If you tried to amplify that wave @ much amps you could start seeing some digital noise right on your wave . I am an eye witness to that phenomenon .


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