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Guys Im new at all this , does anybody have a parts list for the circuit in this patent?
It sounds like he starts out as a plasma cell and does something with the negative side to extinguish the plasma without a voltage drop.

Everything about special electrolysis sucks , its too dam hard and expensive research, its all a big frustrating and expensive mystery  if you ask me . My master oscillator will make things easier then all that Meyers tech brief replicating .

For the people who are not-posers and are not already busy with their own fascinating variations of the Meyers devices , it is a must-have tool .

contact me via pm for more info .

exact parts are not the important thing, the functionality is the thing that counts. if you use stanleys transistor or a newer one does not matter, actually it could be hard and expensive to find this old things and unnecessary, because today parts are cheaper&better than 20 years ago.

well another question...would anybody have a picture, a good clear one from the slide presented in his colorado 1993 at 59:22.I wish we could see that picture .


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