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Didn't like he brown scum so had many filter thoughts over a while.
Here's a shot of a filter setup.
This needs to be developed with many small tubes distributing the flow in/out.
The pump is a Flo-Jet from my early days with the Hydro-Star.
It says 10amp 12v but is running at less than 2 amp 12v on this setup.
The filter housing is for ponds. Inside are plastic balls, coarse sponge, fine sponge and a UVC light.
I like how the top of the water can be agitated with the incoming water falling in the cell.
The brown scum is gone and the water now has a light tint.
This also gives me more thoughts of an inline water ionizer outside the cell.
Oh well still more dreaming and checking into small tubing and a manifold. 


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