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M.E.G. possible radiant transformer.
This transformer based on some patents Bearden Bedini and others.
Similar to Naudin's M.E.G. but instead will have 4 coil primary's.
Here is a great start for this experiment, will wind bobbins soon.
This is a small setup MetGlas Amorphous Alloy taped PowerLite Core AMCC-80 and 6 modified bobbins.
From edge to edge of bobbin length is 5" and its 2.75" high and 2.5" deep.
When wound and pulsed the coils will switch flux paths.
Permanent magnet material will go in the middle of the core in direction of flux path.
M.E.G. theory suggests that its pretty easy to attain COP 3, I'm hoping.
What I see from the theory is that the pulsed coil flux path is enhanced with the permanent magnet flux.
The coils are switched, several possibilities here.
Hopefully a positive result will become of this.
Further thoughts are if its workable, how it can relate to a Meyers setup.
Meyer speaks of radiant energy. Energy locked in the vacuum.
It is a negative and cold energy is what I have read and been told.
Also to make or enhance the energy sometimes you have to think backwards or reversed.
This is my first attempt at producing this useful energy.


Hey Komtek,
Looking great so far.
I also started to build mine today.
I see real potential in this.

Got my attention! For some reason I have always been addicted to coils.

Looks great man.
Nice core as well. How did you get that one? Build it your own?


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