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you suffer from mental problems.

i have not heard from bostick either.

i feel i got my moneys worth from using johns coil.

i never got my coil back either, i got 5 uses total with 2 different coils.

your wire was junk and it seems now you are stuck with it and are trying to say we lied so you can sell some more.

tisk tisk.  a full year and you have still not grown up.


 Did you did you get a VIC operational, with gas production?

I should thank you again for giving me those stainless steel tubes, you can see what made with them in the RVIC topic.


my only problem was trying to figure out how to push power through my setup.

i can get all the waves forms, but not at the required voltage amplitude.

i have since put on hold my efforts until more information arises.

Ask Komtek how long he had his stainless choke , still using it and no break .

You broke it cause you wound it wrong and wire it close together , not like I told you .

What you made is maximised voltage between turns and maximised the capacitance between wires .

Learn about basic numbers and electronics and listen to what I say tne come back complaining about my wire , Komtek and Hardkrome still use to this day and never had any problems with it .

I shorted one of my chokes.
But it was all my doing from messing with it physically and having the SS bifilar wire both coming out the same hole, shorted at the point where they come out of the bobbin. Tried to dig it out, still think I can but I don't care because I got a couple more of them.
Have played with it and its all good as long as you don't over-screw it ::), meaning a person could pulse wrong and have wrong loads on it that could cause an incorrect current draw into the transformer.
I still have not made anything for this transformer yet.
Although I did play with only a single isolated small tubeset, but after a while I really thought it was designed for another part in the system and not a tube-set. Did make some tiny bubblidge with it.
Besides that at the time I didn't even have a decent pulser setup.

Don't know what else I can tell you.
Never heard any problems from HardChrome either don't think he had any.
I'm also holding on to find out if these transformers were made for another part of the system.
Thinking pretty soon I'll set-up a ionizer its been on my mind for sometime now and seeing some of the simple methods has helped me decide.
Thanks to Bubz and Steve for that.
I'll try these transformers in an ionization experiment, for some reason I think they were designed for another HV device not a tube-set but air-gas processor sounds good or injector electrodes. 


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