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must be 100% variations allowed inside the inductance core.

tomorrow i will begin with this.


unipolar electric field
unipolar magnetic field

i agree but heres a deeper perspectve..what does sync pulse mean ? its all about timing.  a sync pulse is positive and negative hitting at the same time of equal opposite potential amplitudes.. alternating current  alternates pulses.. positive and negative dont hit at the same time  the main point stan is getting at is you dont oscillate the magnetic force in the cell cause the polar molecule water will keep changing direction causing non harmonic chaos.  so to keep them polarized in one direction allows them to build a speed in a sense..  and how can you build speed when you are constantly being switched in direction?   i dont fully understand the speed yet but it will come to me in time..maybe the electron must be hit with a fast force so with your vic cycling on  5000 times in one second with a 50percent duty cycle meaning its 10khz. we will say all odd numbers up to 10,000 are on while the even are off.  so that means it is alternating on and off every 1/10,000 of a second.. then you have the duty cycle on top of that  i think it would determind by find the square root of 10khz which is 100... this will make it where you can turn on and off the 10khz on and off cycle... so you will get 100 on and off burst and 100 turned off on and off burst(meaning off completly.)   i consider the over lying 50percent duty cycle the resonance of the transformer and it is around 200 hertz unipolar pulsed.. having 100 of the pulses on while the other 100 off... it can be a bi polar pulse and i would say it would enhance effect by 2.

this is will help you understand the sync, i don't think it is as complicated as anyone thinks, the similarities between this and the sync diagram are clear, and the differences make sense when you think about how Stan would apply this to a cell with a pulsed dc input to the primary.


--- Quote from: Donaldwfc on May 08, 2009, 07:25:20 am ---unipolar electric field
unipolar magnetic field

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