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Here are my ideas . Would it be possible to have resonance with both circuit ?

I have heard from many different people that the opposing bifilar connection does have a resonance frequency and the voltage will rise up @ a certain freq , but its shadow wave will also have the same amplitude and block it .

But what if the pink coil can also resonant with the wfc/coil , perhaps this pink coil could be fed by  HV transformer ? What if also we can add a lightbulb after the diode coming from the pink coil , seems like it can be an EEC as well ... ??

Seems like it could be pretty flexible setup and an ez add-on to the jolt circuit  , some photo-transistor or w/e ... if we have a solid diode , a good 20$ diode .

We have to think how to "move" the water molecule ... We need to evolve our thinking .

Alsso , can somebody answer me this , how will these magnetic fluxes be ing when they are coming from 2 choke wires to cell , from this angle . I am not sure of this .



Thane Heines is quite the engineer .

I should get that current translator to scope thing , really neat toy to see the current appearing as voltage on a scope .


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