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--- Quote from: alvas on July 28, 2008, 22:28:28 pm ---
Tested it with reversed polarity  with almost the same result.
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Thanks so much for the test/info.

You are correct that we need to share our information.  This is too important not to. 

This is WAY too big of a project to take on by ones self. 

This sham of fuel and other high energy costs has got to end for the good of us all.



--- Quote from: alvas on July 28, 2008, 21:48:06 pm ---Hi Stevie,

Since it is not possible to measure the amp i believe the glass is acting as a resistor,
and this again makes an electrostatic or magnetic field  on the negative connected/charged top SS plate.

And since there was not coming bubbles from the positive bottom SS plate, i wondered what kind of gas there was on the negative top plate.

The negative plate usually makes the hydrogen in an "ordinary cell" but it is hard to believe that this setup made only hydrogen because the oksygene have to go somwhere
when the hydrogene is produced.

My thoughts now is that i made Hydrogene and Oksygene only on the top plate... and that is MAGIC!

The "sandwich" looked like this :             ( I called it "the spider" when the plastic spring clamps was on )

STAINLESS STEEL PLATE negative top plate
1,2 MM WATER GAP (spacing)
STAINLESS STEEL PLATE  positive charged bottom plate
( maybe add an glass plate at bottom for isolation)

Tickness of glass and ss and water gap may be varied for different results..

Remember the fantastic amount of  hydrogas Stanley Meyer made, and he still had to use water droplets in the injectors combined with UV lasers ( laser priming he called it )
in the air intake and maybe in the cell - to get that buggy run.
I believe that Stan found out the you don`t really need that much gas because it only need to act as a trigger for the photon energy that he discovered when he combined water.
I myself have an old daily driver ( and i love it ), and it has some water in the bottom of the gas tank after all the years, when some of that water is sucked up with the gasoline by the pump to the caburetor, the engine get an higer rpm!!! There is hydrogene in the all new gasoline too and my old car got a lot of stored up condense in the tank and that have learned me that water do explode in our engines allready. ( we just don`t know it ) Most of us anyway  ;D)  There is also dripping water out of my tailpipe allmost like a hydrogen car  ;D

When we have made much gas with a reasnoble amount of amp ( AND YOU HAVE DONE THAT STEVIE   ;D) The next step will be to avoid the gas to recombine to water again on its way to the
injector /ignitor system. AND find correct uv laser light.  I think we really don`t need a hydrogen cell at all. CAN MAKE A SPARK PLUG THAT CAN MAKE HYDROGEN FROM A FEW WATER DROPLETS! right before the ignition. igniti-ION  ( ION    ::))

I am more interested in making a hydrogene sparkplug than testing more cells at this moment.

(Here is a French Stanley Meyer site ( see fig. 1 and fig. 6 )       http://quanthomme.free.fr/carburant/WFCMeyer.htm

Kind regards

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Hi Alvas,

I understand yr writings here.
There are many setups which probably will work for running an ICE.

About the whole after treatment, i already started a topic on that.

I did research on laserdiodes and i have them already in my lab. I already put all info on that here on Ionizationx
I also agree on sharing info. Thats the whole reason of this forum. Of course, many are fortune seakers, but at the end, the world must become a cleaner world and maybe a better one......

I like what you do  with the whole healing things and so. I have done also some of that. I also know that everything is energy.
I do not want to sound unrespectful, but if you have angels on yr shoulder, can you ask them for specific info?
I believe in them. Only never spoke to one of them.....as far as i remember. Can they ask Stan Meyer some questions?
Again..not ment to be disrespectful.



thanks for being so open on this not so usual subject.
We can use all the help we can get.
Can you ask the following question?
We like you to draw with help from stan the real circuit with the real electrodes......

and for my own curiosity.....ios it possible that bad spirits show up and pretent to be a good guy?




--- Quote from: alvas on August 14, 2008, 22:18:12 pm ---Stevie,

Have made up my mind to not talk about angels here... It can disturb someone and we won`t do that.. ;)   

I am working on a new project and have ordered some parts that i am waiting for, and some parts have to be made.
It will be interesting to see what i can come up with.

Kind regards

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Ok, Alvas.
I do not have problems with it, but i also seen some reactions on yr messages.
Good to read that you continue with yr research..



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