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A sad day for me

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i just found out the real way of producing electricity with the fuel cell.

you have to have a polymer electrolyte membrane known as (PEM) and (PEMFC) for polymer electrolyte fuel cell.

the Polymer membrane has to be kept damp, not to wet or to dry or it will not work. The anode is Platinum , GEEZZ

the hydrogen will pass by the anode then onto the membrane, the hydrogens electrons are absorbed onto the anode because they can't pass threw the membrane, however the hydrogen proton can. so now the proton will become an ion because the anode took its electron. the proton is now on its way threw the membrane headed toward the cathode, since the electrons is gathered at the anode and the protons gathered at the cathode you can now pull power from the to electrodes. ambient air is ran across the cathode side and the output of air is heat.

since electrons move from negative to positive the electrons and protons power the load, where the electrons is the negative terminal and the protons is the pos. when the electrons are used they're returned to the cathode where the protons is. when the ambient air blows across the cathode the by product is heat and water. where the water can be reused.

I can clearly see that there is many that has already mastered this technology, i feel they're looking in on us and praying because of how stupid we must be. I bet there is secret groups out there that uses nothing but water as fuel, and it is probably an appearing perpetual motion machine even though its not.

i simply cant compete with this, SS tubes is a way to produce hydrogen.

this is somewhat aggravating because you not only can use the membrane to extract electricity, but you use it to perform electrolysis as well. the membrane will seperate the oxygen from the hydrogen making the output of hydrogen pure while releasing the oxygen into the air.


This is why I have been interested in the catalytic converter and Hard disk drives.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

as i said before and made a few links on, maby a union of the two types  ;)
its the way im going and bought a few test cells, to go in to this deep, hopefully il hawe the equipment in 2 - 3 week`s
u hawe some positive and some negative with the PEM cells,
they r quite costly, the best membran hawe to be kept humid, they last 10000 hr`s ish and its not OU yet (if there is such a thing  ;D)
positive is that with no compressor u get 30+ kg storage in ur car when u "charge" ur car and u can add more as u go from a 200A altenator
one thing i hawent found yet is research with frequency based PEM, maby brute force is the only good way but im going to find out
im not going to use platinum in my first cells simply bc im on a learning curve and hawe no need for them to last 10000 hr`s so its still SS plates for me

Mr Browngass

ahhhh, i have found more info,,, i guess i was on the right track http://www.panaceauniversity.org/PatE11.pdf

it seems stan had it all figered out.

yes i did hawe a look at that document one month a go, and i found it interesting too, that was why i picked apart my wifes Honeywell mister  ::)
one problem tho is the seperation of the gas and the fact that u need a electric pump to make the preshure
a fortunate problem for us  ;D is that that electrolysis seem way ineffective and would probably work better with our pipes and plates cell`s

Mr Browngass


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