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Resonant cavity sphere

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when you get a such configuration the is a diference in space charge density i gues...

he says somehow that the contaminants reduce the eficiency.

why not adding a full wave bridge rectifier at the end of the coils?

i mean if the amps are restricted on the coils maintaining a open circuit.. why not to use the right portion that we want? 

meyer talks in this patent about hiting the frequency of the cavity and that at this frequency the force is maximized... he than say that amp flows are equivalent to force withing the molecules...

look what he build.
a sphere
and using a simple pwm
no vic
tops 48v

well i didnt seem to have read its only a pwm.. in this patent he makes clear that the negative outside shell and positive is the inner electrode... and in the case of the sphere the inner electrode has a much smaller radius...

i dont know the measures...

but if the distance is bigger than the radius the electric field there is much smaller than near the electrode.. this is said to be a electric field gradient...

in a capacitor there should be no diference in charge density at the plates but in this case as there is a big diference in radius (from the drawing) than the outer shell does not get as much as charge as the inner electrode... as the geomtry itself blocks the electric field before it reach the other electrode...

water is a good conductor of electric fields by its dielectric proprieties...although the reach of the electric field depends on the size of the field souce...

an electric field is defined in the real world (non electrostatic) by a current density and a ohmic media

such that for it to exist actually there must be some current flowing if its not in absolute vaccum ...


please check this link and click on the answers for the exercises questions...


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