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Resonant cavity sphere

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yes kind of i couldnt insert 7hz to the water it created a sine like wave that had only the positive side....on the current graph being ploted in real time...

i have some work to finish if i can i will make a video of it later...

also the water shakes maybe because of the bubbles.. being generated...

i was thinking that perhaqps this aberration on the cuurent measure can be also because of the bubbles..

i found that this false reading may not be what i expected.. it is maybe a probem of the labview module limitation of 14 samples per second....  so driving at this frequencyes low it canot avarage correctly and so gives this strange waves....
the module i use is ni9211

but the water still shakes

My digital oscilloscope does very low frequency reading...

i will do a set of tests and film it so you can get more familiarized with what i´m doing and maybe more of you can understand what to do and do and maybe share back with us...

i really hope for all you that you can understand what i´m trying to say in the videos.. .i´ll do my best to be clear...

i will post all to my channel sebosfato  in youtube... hope it helps we start a good discussion,,, ,

That's coob Seb, I havent done anything since my wire glad i didnt use it yet for my inductors...according to most that have posted the  inductance of those washer drain pump coils are 150mH and they are wired in serries ....i need those as a salvage part in my efforts in using off the shelf parts in my really liking the thought of a mechanical oscillator now :)

i´m glad you started to get it! now i think its time to get and try!


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