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--- Quote from: outlawstc on January 28, 2010, 16:28:30 pm ---welp i just finished my replication of the blood electifier and colloidal silver generator... all i need now is a piece of 3/32 stainless steel rod, some 100percent cotton flannel and some silver wire...
 soon i will be on my way to immortal blood.  next im gonna replicate the magnetic pulse generator.. then i want to buy a sota bio tuner which sends a freq of 7.83hz which is earths natural freq and said to be the freq at which shamin monks are tuned... the bio tuner is said to balance out your left and right hemispheres in your brain.. it is said to be able to get heroin addict off heroin without withdrawls in like one week... also said to eliminate anxiety... sad whing is it cost 195 bucks... its funny they sell colloidal silver gen for 225 bucks and u can build one for under 10 bucks..

@ stevie,
what happend to our youtube button for adding vids?


--- End quote ---

You are the first that noticed that.... :)
I will re install it..


Outlaw, can I buy a blood electrifier off you?

 the one i made is a lil big.. radio shack has a small selection on project box demensions.. if you order more componets then i will replicate it for you for the cost of excess componets..   

here is a part list to simplify it for ya and whoever else thats interested in replicate bob becks blood electrification device..   i will build the board and do the electronics it will be up to u to encase it..

quantity 5x


PART NUMBER                  DESCRIPTION                 QTY
05R0215                         150K RESISTOR               5
63M2683                         100K RESISTOR              10
61M2519                         150OHM RESISTOR          5
58K3790                          820OHM RESISTOR          5
07B6569                          LM358   OP-AMP              5
38K4743                          .1UF CAP.                        5
10N9645                          18v ZENER                      10
54M1763                          3.5 JACK                         5
38K1157                           22UF CAP.                      5
52F3319                           9v BATTER CONECTORS   15

total  24.59

thats the basics.. theres some other stuff needed i will get at radio shack. like a project board. bio color led. and switch.. i will let u buy and make exterior componets like leads and male 3.5mm jack.. 

the incandesent bulbs (53M5345) come in a pack of 10 so i already have them

I made one ofr these , plz try and tell me if it was a good .

Another thing thats good is to vortex water , lots of ways to do this .

A design I have in mind is a double pepsi can thing getting reversed every minute . Filled half with blessed water and half with air .

yea victor schauberger explains how vortexing water will restructure and charge it as well.  the inner walls of the vortex take in oxygen and oxidizes the germs within the water.. i wanna find a glass blower aka bong maker and see if i can get a big one made from glass one day..like 2-3 foot wide by like 4 foot tall.. i also wanna form a even bigger one out of concrete and have it feeding my dads acre pond. they say that vortexing water puts more oxy in water then a fountain .. (fountain= exo)  (vortex = endo)


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